Reviews: 2021 Medicinal Chemistry Reviews

Ref. n°: REV2021

Volume : 56
Editor-In-Chief : Joanne J. Bronson

Medicinal Chemistry Reviews is an outstanding 965 page volume providing timely and critical reviews of important topics in medicinal chemistry. It is provided free of charge to MEDI members in electronic format. Members can also order a print copy, for the cost of printing, shipping and handling

Table of contents

Chapter 1What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Molecules That Broke My Heart
John E. Macor
Chapter 2Preclinical Targets for Promoting Remyelination via OOPC Differentiation
Robin J. Prince, Ryan W. Evans
Chapter 3Activation of Autophagy for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Bhaumik A. Pandya, Rebecca Aron
Chapter 4Recent Advances in Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9 (PCSK9) Inhibitors
Chris Limberakis, David W. Piotrowski
Chapter 5Advances in Small-Molecule Heart Failure Therapy
Kyle B. Mott, J. Phillip Bowen, Maan Jokhadar
Chapter 6Advances in Pharmacological Targeting of the Complement System
Penglie Zhang, Shijie “Chris” Li
Chapter 7Systemic and Intestinally Restricted JAK Inhibitors in IBD
Kristi A. Leonard, Jennifer D. Venable
Chapter 8Small-Molecule Inhibitors of PD-L1
Yibin Zeng, Shijie “Chris” Li, Kathleen Sullivan, Penglie Zhang
Chapter 9Targeting EGFR and HER2: Past, Present, and Future
Emily J. Hanan, Marian C. Bryan
Chapter 10Recent Advances in Small-Molecule PARP Family Inhibitors
Jeffrey W. Johannes, Avipsa Ghosh, Nicholas R. Perl, Melissa M. Vasbinder
Chapter 11Direct-Acting Small-Molecule Antivirals for the Treatment of COVID-19
Britton K. Corkey, John P. Bilello, Sheila M. Zipfel, Jason K. Perry
Chapter 12Plasmodium Kinase Inhibitors as Potential Multistage Active Antimalarials
John G. Woodland, Kelly Chibale
Chapter 13Cysteine Protease Inhibitors for Infectious Diseases
Courtney Fu, Gabriella I. D. Cooper, Lori Ferrins
Chapter 14Glycoside Hydrolases as Therapeutic Targets for CNS Indications
Jinkuk Choi, Kevin Guckian, Heike Hering, Nathan E. Genung
Chapter 15SLC Transporters: Portals for Therapeutic Opportunity
Nicholas B. Last, Eitan Hoch
Chapter 16Recent Developments in Targeting “Undruggable” SH3 Domains
Ellen Lillian Swan, Stephanie Jayne, Simon Matthew Pyke
Chapter 17Reaction Development for DNA-Encoded Library Technology: Expanding the Toolkit on DNA Chemistry
Adam Csakai, Yun Ding, Melissa C. Grenier-Davies, Lisa A. Marcaurelle, Ann M. Rowley
Chapter 18Escape from Protacs®: Recent Developments in Protein Degradation With Small-Molecule Glues
Jennifer R. Riggs,* Deborah S. Mortensen, Thomas Clayton, Christoph W. Zapf
Chapter 19Glossary and Tutorial of Xenobiotic Metabolism Terms Used During Small-Molecule Drug Discovery and Development
Paul Erhardt,* Kenneth Bachmann, Donald Birkett, Michael Boberg, Nicholas Bodor, Gordon Gibson, David Hawkins, Gabrielle Hawksworth, Jack Hinson, Daniel Koehler, Brian Kress, Amarjit Luniwal, Hiroshi Masumoto, Raymond Novak, Phillip Portoghese, Jeffrey Sarver, M. Teresa Serafini, Christopher Trabbic, Nico Vermeulen, and Steven Wrighton
Chapter 20New Chemical Entities Entering Phase III Trials in 2020
Matthew L. Condakes, Alec H. Christian, Anna E. Hurtley, David W. Lin, Rhiannon Thomas-Tran, Karl T. Haelsig
Chapter 21To Market, to Market—2020: Small Molecules
Marie-Gabrielle Braun, Georgette Castanedo, Samantha A. Green, Mingshuo Zeng, Joseph Carpenter, Antonella Converso, Izzat T. Raheem, Anthony J. Roecker, Akshay A. Shah, Laurent Debien, T. G. Murali Dhar, Lauren M. Holder, J. Robert Merritt, Kevin M. Peese, Denise C. Grünenfelder, Julian C. Lo
Chapter 22To Market, to Market—2020: Macromolecular Therapeutics
Nicholas J. Agard, Peter S. Dragovich, Ryan L. Kelly, Shion A. Lim, Allison M. Beal, Ian Moench, Anna M. Gram, Pei-Pei Kung, Daša Lipovšek