About Hall of Fame

The Division of Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame was established by the Executive Committee in 2006. New members are selected annually from nominations submitted by Division members. Other inductees are those who have received one of the awards presented by the Division (the Edward E. Smissman Award or the Division of Medicinal Chemistry award ), or who have received an ACS GlaxoSmithKline Alfred Burger Award or E. B. Hershberg Award, and presented their address to the Division. Members who have received multiple awards are listed below under the year of their first award. The Division is proud to acknowledge the many contributions made by these outstanding scientists to the field of medicinal chemistry.

Nomination Process
The ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry invites nominations for induction into the Division’s Hall of Fame. Inductees should be members of the Division who have made outstanding contributions to medicinal chemistry through research, teaching and/or division service, but who have not yet received one of the national Division awards (the Edward E. Smissman Award or the Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award), or an ACS award in medicinal chemistry (e.g. GlaxoSmithKline Alfred Burger Award or the E. B. Hershberg Award for Important Discoveries in Medicinally Active Substances). Those selected for induction will be senior investigators with long-­‐standing records of achievement in medicinal chemistry. Up to three scientists will be inducted into the Hall of Fame each calendar year, and the honorees will be recognized at a reception at the Fall national meeting of the American Chemical Society. Inductees will also receive a plaque, and will be reimbursed for meeting registration, accommodations and travel expenses. Those honored by Hall of Fame membership are not excluded from receiving future Division or ACS awards as described above. Recipients of the Smissman and Division of Medicinal Chemistry awards are automatically added to the Hall of Fame roster, as are Burger and Hershberg award recipients who choose to present their award addresses as a part of medicinal chemistry division programming.

Posthumous nominations will also be considered.

Any scientist in medicinal chemistry or a related discipline who is a member of the Division may submit nominations for potential Hall of Fame members. Hall of Fame nomination packets should include a letter of 1000 words or less from the primary sponsor that outlines the qualifications and achievements of the nominee, a copy of the nominee’s CV and his or her publication record. The primary sponsor should also append a letter of 1000 words or less written in support of the nomination from one additional individual. Nominations should be submitted by May 31 each year. Inductees will be selected by the Division executive committee. The names of new inductees will be announced on or before July 1 each year. All nomination materials should be submitted electronically using the link below. Nomination materials should be submitted as a single .pdf file.

Deadline: May 31

Submissions closed