Medicinal Chemistry Reviews

Medicinal Chemistry Reviews is an outstanding 600 page volume providing timely and critical reviews of important topics in medicinal chemistry.  It is provided free of charge to MEDI members in electronic format.  Members can also order a print copy, for the cost of printing, shipping and handling (US, $30; International, $50).  Members should use the 'Member Login', and then click on the 'Resources' tab.

Following is just a sampling of the chapters in Volume 51:

  • Recent Developments in Neuropeptide S Receptor (NPSR) Research
  • Small-Molecule Selective PPAR-gamma Modulators
  • Targeting Necroptosis for Therapeutic Intervention in Inflammatory Diseases
  • Small-Molecule Modulators of Protein Arginine Deaminases (PAD)
  • Small-Molecule Modulators of Keap1-Nrf2

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Volume 50 Web Addendum:  History of 3 Blockbuster Drugs

Dr. Patrick Woster, Medical University of South Carolina, has written a web addendum to his chapter of Volume 50.  This addendum highlights the history of 3 blockbuster drugs as reported in Annual Reports.  You can view this addendum here.

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