MEDI Division Announcements

  • Submit Abstracts for Fall ACS in Washington, DC

    Abstract submission is open for the Fall ACS National Meeting, in Washington, D.C.  The deadline for MEDI abstracts is extended to April 3.  To submit your abstract, go to

    To apply for student travel grants, click here.

    Chemical Computing Group is offering student travel grants in the amount of $1,150 for student presentations (in oral or poster format) that include a computational chemistry component. Click here for details.

  • Winter Newsletter now available!

    The Winter 2017 edition of the Med Chem Division's newsletter, Reaction Times, is now available.  Click here to get your copy, hot off the electron presses!

  • Spring ACS in San Francisco

    The Spring ACS meeting will be held in San Francisco, April 1-6, 2017.  The MEDI Abstracts booklet is available as a .pdf file here.  MEDI programming includes Macrocycles and Cyclopeptides; Factors Influencing Oral Bioavailability; Allosteric Kinase Ligands & Phosphatase Modulators; Residence Time, Not Just Affinity; Kinase Inhibitors for Immunoinflammatory Diseases; Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Diseases; Antibiotic Drug Discovery; Drug Discovery for ALS; Targeting Epigenetic "Writers" and "Erasers."

  • 31st Annual ResMed

    ResMed: Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry and Biology in Drug Discovery  is a week-long graduate level course organized to provide an accelerated program for medicinal chemists, biologists and other industrial and academic scientists who wish to broaden their knowledge of drug discovery and development. It will take place June 12-16, 2017, at Drew University.  For information, go to

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