Reviews: 2017 Medicinal Chemistry Reviews

Ref. n°: REV2017

Volume : 52
Editor-In-Chief : Joanne J. Bronson

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Table of contents

Chapter 1Discovery of TAK-063, a PDE10A Inhibitor with Balanced Activation of Direct and Indirect Pathways
Haruhide Kimura and Takahiko Taniguchi
Chapter 2PDE1 Inhibition: Potential for the Treatment of Cognitive Impairment
Brian Dyck, Marco Peters, and J. Guy Breitenbucher
Chapter 3Discovery of the ALK/ROS1 Inhibitor, Lorlatinib (PF-06463922)
Paul F. Richardson and Ted W. Johnson
Chapter 4Advances and Insights from CNS G Protein-Coupled Receptor Crystallography
John A. Christopher, Miles Congreve, Francesca Deflorian, and Fiona H. Marshall
Chapter 5Recent Advances in BACE1 Biology and Inhibitors in Clinical Development
Jared N. Cumming, Matthew E. Kennedy, and Andrew W. Stamford
Chapter 6Cardiac Sarcomere Activation and its Therapeutic Application in Heart Failure
Antonio Romero and Bradley P. Morgan
Chapter 7Development of Sodium-Dependent Phosphate Co-Transporter 2b Inhibitors for Treatment of Hyperphosphatemia
Yanping Xu and Dariusz Wodka
Chapter 8Glucokinase Activators for the Treatment of Diabetes
Paul Dransfield
Chapter 9Recent Advances in the Discovery of CSFqR Inhibitors for Autoimmune Diseases
Dawn M. George, Michael Hoemann, and Jacqueline Loud
Chapter 10Diverse Drugs with Gastrointestinal-Restricted Delivery
Thomas D. Aicher, Clarke B. Taylor, and Peter L. Toogood
Chapter 11ROR-gamma-T Modulators for Th17-Driven Diseases: Progress Into the Clinic
Colin M. Tice, Yuri Bukhtiyarov, Ya-Jun Zheng, Deepak Lala, and Suresh B. Singh
Chapter 12Small Molecules for Cancer Immunotherapy
Timothy P. Heffon and Bryan K. Chen
Chapter 13Beyond PARP: Inhibitors of DNA Repair Processes as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Cancer
Allan Michael Jordan and Kate Mary Smith
Chapter 14Small-Molecule Antagonists of Mcl-1
Joshua P. Taygerly and Daniel W. Robbins
Chapter 15Novel Bacterial Type II Topoisomerase Inhibitors
Mark Joseph Mitton-Fry
Chapter 16Capsid Assembly Modulators as Novel Antiviral Agents for the Treatment of Hepatitis B
Scott D. Kuduk and Angela M. Lam
Chapter 17Recent Advances Towards Rational Antibacterial Discovery: Addressing Permeation and Efflux
Quentin P. Avila, Helen I. Zgurskaya, and Adam S. Duerfeldt
Chapter 18Endogenous Allosteric Modulators of G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Implications in Drug Design
Dario Doller
Chapter 19Thinking Small and Dreaming Big: Medicinal Chemistry Strategies for Designing Optimal Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
L. Nathan Tumey
Chapter 20SILAC Proteomics in Drug Discovery
Thomas M. Graczyk, James P. Finn, and Ravi R. Iyer
Chapter 21Aldehyde Oxidase Metabolism in Drug Discovery
Aaron C. Burns
Chapter 22Repositioning Strategies that Target Remyelination for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Stefania Risso, Robert L. Hudkins, Peter H. Hutson, and Dmitri Leonoudakis
Chapter 23Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) Studies of Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channel Modulators
Christina M. LeGay and Darren J. Derksen
Chapter 24Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI) Arising from Inhibition of Bile Acid Transport Proteins
Michael D. Aleo, Deepak Dalvie, and Amit S. Kalgutkar
Chapter 25Case History: Zurampic® (Lesinurad): A Selective Uric Acid Reabsorption Inhibitor for the Treatment of Hyperuricemia in Gout Patients
Jean-Luc Girardet and Barry D. Quart
Chapter 26Case History: Epidaza® (Chidamide): A Novel Oral Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor with Subtype Selectivity for Cancer Treatment
Xian P. Lu, Zhi B. Li, Zhi Q. Ning, De S. Pan, Song Shan, Xia Guo, Hai X. Cao, Jin D. Yu, and Qian J. Yang
Chapter 27New Chemical Entities Entering Phase III Trials in 2016
Amy S. Lee, Adam J. Schrier, Salman Jabri, Nathan E. Wright, and Gregory T. Notte
Chapter 28To Market, To Market--2016
Catherine A. Bolger, T.G. Murali Dhar, Achal Pashine, Peter S. Dragovich, William Mallet, J. Robert Merritt, and Kevin M. Peese