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ResMed: Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry and Biology in Drug Discovery

ResMed is a week-long graduate level course organized to provide an accelerated program for medicinal chemists, biologists and other industrial and academic scientists who wish to broaden their knowledge of drug discovery and development. The School’s aim is to concentrate on the fundamentals that are useful in drug discovery spanning initial target validation through development. TOPICS INCLUDE Principles of Med Chem Drug-like Properties Hit-to-Lead in Drug Discovery Lead Optimization Cheminformatics Molecular Modeling & Structure-Based Drug Design Kinases Drug Metabolism Designing Around Problematic Functionalities Bioisosteres Covalent Inhibitors Pharmacokinetics & Protein Binding Enzymology, Receptors & Ion Channels Proximity-induced Drug Design Proteolysis-targeting Chimeras Phenotypic Screening Protein-protein interactions Antibody-drug Conjugates Preclinical Toxicology In Silico Tools Impact of AI Case Study Presentations