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Medicinal Chemistry Reviews adheres to the American Chemical Society's Journal Policies.

Policies on Conflict of Interest, Human and Animal Rights, and Informed Consent are covered by the ACS journal policy (the Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research, and

Conflict of Interest Disclosure. During manuscript submission, ACS journal authors are required to disclose the nature of any competing and/or relevant financial interest. A statement describing any financial conflicts of interest or lack thereof is published with each manuscript. During the submission process, the corresponding author must provide this statement on behalf of all authors of the manuscript. The statement should describe all potential sources of bias, including affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships, that may constitute conflicts of interest. The statement will be published in the final article. If no conflict of interest is declared, the following statement will be published in the article: "The authors declare no competing financial interest.“

Human and Animal rights and Informed Consent. The American Chemical Society Publications rules and ethical guidelines provide mandatory standards of practice in experimental studies performed using biological samples obtained from animals or human subjects. Studies submitted for publication approval must present evidence that the described experimental activities have undergone local institutional review assessing safety and humane usage of study subject animals. In the case of human subjects authors must also provide a statement that study samples were obtained through the informed consent of the donors, or in lieu of that evidence, by the authority of the institutional board that licensed the use of such material. Authors are requested to declare the identification or case number of institution approval as well as the name of the licensing committee in a statement placed in the section describing the studies’ Materials and Methods.

Data Sharing Policy is covered by the ACS journal policy (

Process for handling cases requiring corrections, retractions, and editorial expressions of concern. This is covered by the ACS journal policy ( If an editor is presented with convincing evidence that the main substance or conclusions of a report published in an editor’s journal are erroneous, the editor should facilitate publication of an appropriate report pointing out the error and, if possible, correcting it. The report may be written by the person who discovered the error or by an original author.

If errors of consequence are detected in a published paper, the author should send a correction to the Editor. All corrections are made at the discretion of the Editor.