2018 Medicinal Chemistry Reviews

Volume 53
Joanne J. Bronson, Editor-In-Chief

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1

Diversity and Me:  My Life as a Woman in Chemistry

Ann E. Weber

Chapter 2

A Journey in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery:  New Frontiers and Lessons Learned

Ruth Wexler

Chapter 3

Recent Advances in the Development of Phosphodiesterase 10A Tracers for Positron Emission Tomography Imaging

Essa Hu

Chapter 4

Pharmacology and Therapeutic Potential of the 5-HT7 Receptor: Beyond the Central Nervous System

Kevin M. Blattner, Daniel J. Canney, Benjamin E. Blass, and Douglas A. Pippin

Chapter 5

Recent Progress in Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (LRRK2) Inhibitors for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Douglas S. Williamson, Morten Jørgensen, and Kenneth V. Christensen

Chapter 6

Emerging Targets for the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

Peter T. W. Cheng, James R. Corte, Alicia Regueiro-Ren, and Dong Cheng

Chapter 7

Injectable Diabetes Treatments Targeting Glucose Regulation and Satiety Pathways

James C. Lanter, Yue-Mei Zhang, and Mark J. Macielag

Chapter 8

Discovery and Therapeutic Relevance of Small-Molecule Nox4 Inhibitors

E. Blake Watkins, Osman F. Güner, Amol Kulkarni, Bernard Lassègue, Kathy K. Griendling, and J. Phillip Bowen

Chapter 9

Recent Advances in the Discovery of Inhaled Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

Peter Sjö, Frank Narjes, and Martin Hemmerling

Chapter 10

Advances in the Discovery and Development of Selective Tyrosine Kinase 2 (TYK2) Inhibitors

David S. Weinstein and Ryan M. Moslin

Chapter 11

Covalent Inhibitors as Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Sami Osman and Michael Friedman

Chapter 12

The Evolution of Selective FGFR4 Inhibitors for FGF19-Driven Malignancies

Joseph L. Kim, Chandra Miduturu, Megan A. Hatlen, Klaus P. Hoeflich, and Timothy Guzi

Chapter 13

Isoform-Selective Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitors in the Treatment of Cancer

Charles A. Blum and Matthew B. Jarpe

Chapter 14

Emerging Non-Canonical Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Androgen Receptor (AR) and AR Interactome Partners for the Treatment of Castrate-Resistent Prostate Cancer

David B. Freeman, André Richters, Marius S. Pop, Nicholas B. Struntz and Angela N. Koehler

Chapter 15

Recent Trends in Malaria Research

Christoph Boss and Sergio Wittlin

Chapter 16

Advances in Antifungal Drug Development

James M. Balkovec

Chapter 17

Recent Progress on Small-Molecule Influenza Virus Inhibitors

Michael P. Clark and Paul S. Charifson

Chapter 18

Therapeutic Potential of Alpha V Integrin Antagonists in TGFβ-Driven Disease

James E. Dowling, Fu-Yang Lin, Blaise Lippa and Dawn Troast

Chapter 19

Therapeutic Applications of Nanobodies

Srinivasa Karra and Sean McKenna

Chapter 20

HIV Integrase Inhibitors: Biochemical, QSAR, and Docking Studies

Omobolanle Janet Jesumoroti, Rosalyn Klein and Paul Watts

Chapter 21

Physical Chemical Properties for Drug Design in Beyond Rule-of-Five Chemical Space

Marina Shalaeva, Gilles Goetz and Laurence Philippe

Chapter 22

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Perspectives for Covalent Inhibitor Drug Development

Richard Zang, Shuguang Ma and Matthew Wright

Chapter 23

Development of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Monoacylglycerol Lipase for the Treatment of Neurologic Diseases

John J. M. Wiener, Justin S. Cisar, Daniel J. Buzard, Olivia D. Weber and Cheryl A. Grice

Chapter 24

Recent Advances in Small-Molecule TLR7 Agonists for Drug Discovery

Alex Cortez and Porino Va

Chapter 25

Case History: Orkambi® (Ivacaftor/Lumacaftor), for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis Patients who are Homozygous for the F508del CFTR Mutation

Sabine Hadida, Fred Van Goor, Paul Negulescu and Peter D. J. Grootenhuis

Chapter 26

Case History: Idhifa® (Enasidenib), a First-in-Class Selective IDH2 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Zenon D. Konteatis and Zhihua Sui

Chapter 27

Case History: Curing Genotype 1-6 Hepatitis C: Velpatasvir, the NS5A Inhibitor in Epclusa® and Vosevi®

John O. Link

Chapter 28

New Chemical Entities Entering Phase III Trials in 2017

Adam J. Schrier, Nathan E. Wright, Gregory T. Notte and Amy S. Lee

Chapter 29

To Market, To Market--2017

Catherine A. Bolger, Joseph E. Carpenter, T. G. Murali Dhar, Achal Pashine, Peter S. Dragovich, James H. Cook, Eric P. Gillis, Kevin M. Peese,
J. Robert Merritt

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