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ACS Webinars

The ACS offers webinars on many topics of interest to medicinal chemists:

Other Courses

Online Videos

Berkeley Courses: 50+ free courses in biology, computer science, math, physics

Chemistry Online Courses: Organic Chemistry(Yale), Photochemistry, Rate processes +others

Courses from Harvard and MIT: Science and general interest courses from Harvard, MIT

edX Online Medicinal Chemistry Course:  taught by Prof. Erland Stevens, Davidson University

General Biology Course from Umass Boston: General Biology Univ. of Mass

iTunes: A number of chemistry, physics, biology courses

Large searchable list of online courses: Links to a variety of courses from Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and others

Large searchable list of online courses: 500+ college courses from a variety of universities - search by level, area, and subject

List of free university online courses: MIT orgranic chemistry undergrad course + many others

Organic Chemistry Course from MIT: MIT organic chemistry course

Searchable list of online courses: Intro to Systems Biology, Vaccine trials:methods and practices, thermodynamics, Organic Chemistry (U of Ill), Analytical Chemistry+ general interest

Schrödinger online course:  Introduction to Molecular Modeling in Drug Disovery, $475 ($350 student price)

Stanford Courses: Physics, Mathematics, Computer, and general interest courses

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